I love to travel to quiet, scenic remote spots of natural beauty. I desire to paint the sound of a gentle breeze coming through the trees, the feel of the cool moist shadows, and the captivating movements of water flowing around a rock and what lies underneath.

I’m passionate about painting a deeper view. Seeing not only the pool at the bottom of a waterfall, but also, the colors of the sky reflected in the ripples of the moving waters. Underneath these ripples, the rocks and their shadows, and the color of light reflecting the movement along the shore.

My goal is to feel a connection to the painting itself, transporting me back to the moment that inspired me to paint it.

I have found excitement in the transparencies of watercolors; my characteristic of attention details is what inspires me.

A former Belly dancer, a costume designer, gardener, bobbin lace maker, oil painter, quilter, hiker, naturalist, wildlife rehabilitator, photographer; Becky thrives on artistic outlets.

Becky started painting with oils in 1978. Her subjects were mostly religious portraits, and wildlife. Taking a break from oils, to broaden her artistic palette,  Becky painted exclusively in watercolors for 6 years.  She has recently returned to oils with a new perspective.

Becky resides in a wooded forest in East Central Minnesota with the love of her life, husband of 36 years and her greatest joy, her daughter, plus 3 dogs.